Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Farley Roundabout Apartments & Pool

Took a bit of tinkering, but here's the finished versions of a slummy apartment complex just off of 5th Street and uncomfortably close to the highway. Several less fortunate characters live in these lots, including Autumn Aubrwood and Isaak Kuznetsov, but I built them in such a way that one can choose whether or not a sim would like the upstairs unit or the downstairs one. Also, once apartments are introduced into the game via an expansion or whatever, these small two-units-a-piece lots will be very friendly on performance, eee. All units are extremely small and cramped inside, appliances and counters are by default upstairs, and outdoor lighting is minimal... not a very cheery or safe place to call home. No CC was used in these lots.

TYPE: residential, apartment
SIZE: 10x20
ADDRESS: multiple lots
OTHER: 1 bedroom, 1 bath with two units per lot; old and slummy atmosphere; 1 parking space per lot

TYPE: community, pool
SIZE: 10x20
ADDRESS: 42 Farley Roundabout
OTHER: outdoor seating; derelict atmosphere

195 Lyre Court

One of my more recent lots, this one unfortunately does have some CC in it in the form of a few patterns I got off of MTS and some items from the Store, but since it's not up for download at all, I don't think it's really necessary to make a list of the needed content. Anyhow, this lovely glass house was built with two characters, Emmanuel Fletcher and Beowulf Eddison, in mind and took inspiration from a floorplan I came across one day on an architecture site I googled myself to. Lots and lots of natural light makes its way into the house and, since it's facing west, one gets some fairly decent views of the sunset from the great room. Information and screenshots below:

TYPE: residential, modern
SIZE: 30x30
ADDRESS: 195 Lyre Court
COST (FURNISHED / UNFURNISHED): $102,703 / $56,856
OTHER: 2 bedroom, 1 bath with expansive great room; covered parking for 2 vehicles; firepit patio

65 Oak Street

Another nice, little neighborhood lot I built for miscellaneous use, this time with a gardening sim in-mind. Fairly small, but playable, this lot has two bedrooms (with one being baby/toddler-ready), one bath, and a vacant basement. The fenced backyard has an outside eating area and access to a little plot for gardening, which has an outdoor sink for bumping up hygiene whenever necessary. Also, the kitchen window overlooks the gardening plot, which is a nice effect, in my opinion. As is true for most of my early lots, no CC was used.

TYPE: residential, family home
SIZE: 30x30
ADDRESS: 65 Oak Street
COST (FURNISHED / UNFURNISHED): $36,252 / $24,012
OTHER: 2 bedroom, 1 bath with basement; fenced backyard; gardening plot; small closet for storage

67 Oak Street

I'm at a loss for coming up with witty names for houses, so I'm going to use the address as the title. This was one of the first lots that I ever built when I got my hands on the game, and is very closely based on the original floorplan for its Sims 2 cousin. Long story short, this lot is intended as Leer Eddison's house, but is pretty functional as a family home regardless. Also, no CC was used in the building of this lot, ho'humm. Informations and screenshots below, as usual:

TYPE: residential, family home
SIZE: 30x30
ADDRESS: 67 Oak Street
COST (FURNISHED / UNFURNISHED): $53,643 / $32,515
OTHER: 3 bed, 1 bath with study; den annexed to living room; fenced backyard with rear entry/exit; covered carport