Monday, January 11, 2010

Old Oaks Park

Located at the heart of Driftwood Hollow's small community district, this large park features a quaint bridge overlooking two ponds and several trees, including the largest and oldest cherry blossoms in the area. Nearly as old as the town itself, the wooden gazebo tucked away at the western end of the park is rumored to be one of the most romantic areas in the community, weather permitting. Once night falls, the constant song of frogs echos from the damp shores of the ponds, which have proven to be a VERY effective spawning ground for the little, spotty amphibians.

So, I actually built this lot a while ago, but had to do some edits to fix the blue lot syndrome that's been plaguing me. No CC, all done with basegame content and patched to version 1.7.9, no World Adventures. Here's the lot info and some screenshots:

TYPE: community, big park
SIZE: 64x64
ADDRESS: 124 Apple Street
OTHER: beautiful vista buff, adequate nighttime lighting, bridge, gazebo.

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