Monday, January 11, 2010

Jenking's Memorial Library

A second home to the quieter personalities that happen to call Driftwood Hollow home, this library is nearly as old as the park across the way from it and, while dust does cling to its shelves and donations are few these days, it seems it will stay that way for a good while longer.

Another lot that was built a while ago, but had to be edited due to compatibility issues and blue lot syndrome caused by the 1.7.9 patch. I could seriously live at that desk overlooking the park, there, quite a nice view. Anyhow, some TS3 Store CC was used in the creation of this lot and it is post 1.7.9, but other than that, there are no other conflicts:

TYPE: community, library
SIZE: 30x30
ADDRESS: 140 10th Street
OTHER: restrooms, plenty of seating, derelict computers, desks, public parking, child/toddler friendly

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