Sunday, January 10, 2010

What is Driftwood Hollow?

Driftwood Hollow, for starters, is a small and sleepy fictional town located on a stretch of cold and rocky shoreline in southern Washington state ,as imagined with the flexibility of the Create-a-World tool for "The Sims 3"; it is heavily forested on all sides by protected woodland, save for the Pacific to the west. The town has a dreary, if not unsettling, aura about it that can be picked up on almost immediately by strangers to the area, but most long-term residents have developed a sort of immunity to the vibes... but that doesn't necessarily mean that Driftwood Hollow isn't a gloomy place to live. The economy of the town is severely damaged and most residents have to commute to a city north of the town, Waterview, in order to get a decent job. It rains almost endlessly throughout the year, that same rain turning to sleet and snow during the winter months. Summertimes are hot and unbearably humid, with violent thunderstorms being an accepted norm by locals; and, ironically enough, autumn is the most mild of seasons for the area despite the fact that most of the trees keep their evergreen hues all year long. Eastward of Driftwood Hollow, through miles of coniferous woodland and seemingly past the edge of nowhere, is Meadowdale, humble farming community nestled in a hilly clearing. In all honesty, this place, too, has seen better days. Many of the ranches and farms have been repossessed, but families stubborn enough to remain and outlast the first wave of economic destruction from Waterview have been able to make do. There's wild rumors going about in Meadowdale of ominous, giant black triangles stalking the silent skies above the surrounding woodland... and aggressive balls of colored light chasing down and even burning those whose curiosity brought them a little too close to the large, soundless craft hovering overhead, and many ranchhands hold stammering claim to disturbing animal mutilations that many wish would simply stop. To put it lightly, the folks of Meadowdale are frightened and little has been done to investigate the panicked reports of lights in the sky.

This is an ongoing project, So I'll add more links and pictures and information and such to this as I go along and finish more and more stuff. Right now, I'm not quite sure how I feel about putting it up for download at this early stage, unless you're special and have the game and can run it without computers exploding and all, so yeah. The road layout is based very closely to the version I had designed for the Sims 2, but with some big modifications since I have a lot more freedom with Create-a-World at my disposal. Road names may change, specifically some of the numbered ones, and I have messed with the dimensions of the blocks to fit in particular lots and groups of lots. Here are some screenshots of the neighborhood itself without any lots, enjoy:

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