Tuesday, January 12, 2010

67 Oak Street

I'm at a loss for coming up with witty names for houses, so I'm going to use the address as the title. This was one of the first lots that I ever built when I got my hands on the game, and is very closely based on the original floorplan for its Sims 2 cousin. Long story short, this lot is intended as Leer Eddison's house, but is pretty functional as a family home regardless. Also, no CC was used in the building of this lot, ho'humm. Informations and screenshots below, as usual:

TYPE: residential, family home
SIZE: 30x30
ADDRESS: 67 Oak Street
COST (FURNISHED / UNFURNISHED): $53,643 / $32,515
OTHER: 3 bed, 1 bath with study; den annexed to living room; fenced backyard with rear entry/exit; covered carport

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